Taos Hot Springs

Taos, a city of approximately thirteen thousand people, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state of New Mexico. It is located about four hundred miles west of Albuquerque and has a beautiful central hilltop location that overlooks the Rio Grande Valley. Hot artThe mountain ranges of the Santa Fe Mountains provide the region with a distinctive environment that many love to take advantage of. Many visitors come here on an annual basis to soak up some of the warm, relaxing rays that tumble down in the Valley each year.

Climate and Scenery to Die For

Because of the climate and scenery that exist, it is no surprise that this area is a hot spot for outdoor activities. Those who choose to vacation in Taos will enjoy a number of things that make the town such a great place to visit. It is the ideal location to explore the various new attractions that are featured in the small New Mexico town. From museums and art galleries to nature trails and biking paths, there are plenty of things that people of all ages can participate in. There are several different hot springs that can be found in Taos. Two of the most popular ones are the Angel Falls and Taos Peak Hot Springs. These natural waterfalls provide visitors with the experience of one of the best hot springs in the world. Each day that you are in Taos, you can step foot on the world's greatest natural waterfalls and have it bring you to the same level of relaxation and delight that you are sure to feel when visiting them. Visitors who come to the Taos area in search of a new way to relax may find their way to the Hot Springs Hotel & Spa. This hotel is twenty-one years old and one of the oldest on the entire continent. Taos originalHere, visitors can take advantage of the hot springs bath system. You will not believe the healing effect that taking a hot shower can have on your body. After taking a relaxing shower, visitors can then soak their weary muscles in the pendants of heated water that abound in this spa. For those who are looking for an even more soothing experience, they may want to head to the Healing Pool. This is one of the hottest spas in Taos, and it offers visitors the opportunity to soak in the hot springs at any time of the day or night. This is one of the main reasons that the Taos Hotel & Spa are always so busy. The healing pool is open all day long, seven days a week, and it is also open at all hours of the night. No matter what time of day or night you are looking to experience Taos hot springs, the Healing Pool can give you exactly that. The Taos Hotel & Spa are located near several fine dining and retail shops. One such shop is the Work of the Sun, which offers Chinese, Japanese, and Thai cuisine. The Work of the Sun was built from the earth and is made of clay. Visitors often notice that the stones are set on fire, an authentic indication that this is a natural hot stone building. Taos iconOther products you will find at this Taos hotel and spa include: Japanese teppanyaki style meals, Pepper and Basil Sake, Black Sesame Ginger soup, Cucumber Sambalata, Hawaiian Massages, and much more. Many tourists do not realize that Taos hot springs are actually made from the ground up. The mountain air is heated by geothermal heat pools that draw on the natural forces of the earth. As the heated air enters the earth, it warms as it travels downward. Some of the hot springs that can be found in Taos include Taos Spring, Sunset Springs, and Rainbow Springs. Each of these hot springs has been named among the top five places to take a hot tub vacation. When you visit Taos, be sure to check out the Healing Pool, or to enjoy the relaxation at home. This area is so popular right now that there are already plenty of spas. Plan your vacation to include a hot tub vacation, and you will not regret it! With its friendly atmosphere and relaxing spa treatments, Taos truly offers something for everyone.