Taos Pottery

Taos Pottery is made in the state of New Mexico. It has been around since the 1970s and has many fans throughout the world. Pottery photoThis area of New Mexico is famous for its clay. Clay here is unique, as it is formed from volcanic activity. It is rich in minerals and stands up to very hard use. It is a perfect medium for producing both functional and appealing pottery items. The Taos region was created from the remnants of what was once the Kaileigh Range. It was populated long before any of the other cities that are known today. The Pueblo people occupied this area and left behind pottery and other artifacts. You can still find the hand painted pottery and figurines that are so common today. The pots they built still exist and are on display in museums all over the world. You can also see the interesting remnants of Taos life in the form of ruins from an old mission, a mission clock, or even a Taos street sign. They are interesting symbols of what the island was like when it first settled. The mission clock is a great example of this as it has two small time pieces that represent the day and night of each day. Pottery figureYou can also find many pieces of pottery that date back to the 1500s. The Aztec symbol for seven is one of them and you will also find many other fascinating ones in Taos. These range from hummingbird to birds of paradise, turtles to turtles with heads on other faces and even dolphins to dolphins with heads on other faces. You can buy your Taos pottery from many different places including some souvenir shops and some online. There is also the option of buying authentic Taos pottery from online stores that have a great variety. Here you can see the various types and the colors. You will find that they come in many different shapes also and that you can purchase Taos tiles for your patio or kitchen. Taos is known as one of the crossroads of the United States and as a consequence is a tourist attraction for people from all over the world. You will find many cultural activities, art shows and music performances here. There is a Taos cultural center too that gives you a comprehensive look at the history of the town. Here you will also find some beautiful Taos hotels that offer luxurious accommodation. Many of them have been renovated to bring you back in time. Taos descriptionIf you are looking for something a little less pretentious then you should visit Taos Souvenirs. This is a Taos antique store that is housed in the Old Town in old Spanish colonial buildings. Here you will see a great variety of Taos pottery, Taos glass and Taos tiles. The shop is open every day from Wednesday to Sunday. On certain Saturday's you will also be able to take in a free guided tour of the Taos Historic District. At the Souvenirs you will also find many unusual Taos jewelry that you can take home as a gift. Finally if you have a longer drive ahead of you in Taos then it would be worth taking a day to drive to the top of Cerro Tortugas. Here you will see the ruin of an ancient church and a Taos cliffside ruin. These ruins are actually well preserved and give you a very authentic feel for the old world of the Americas. Other things to do on the top include bird watching, hiking and horseback riding.